Elevate. Embrace. Create.

Doing for others.

There is something in these three words that resonate in the lives and the raison d’etre for the people of D2 Architecture.  Like everyone, we have been gifted and find great joy in using those gifts to the benefit of our clients, their staff, their residents, and in turn their families.  Picasso said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Our gifts?  They are imagining the best designed senior living communities in America and then nurturing those dreams into reality with hard work, robust communication, consultant coordination, detailed drawings, and on-site observation.

We have been blessed with over 300 opportunities to serve in the Senior Living space. It is not all we do, but it’s close.  As a result, D2 has won national awards, lectured on the national stage, and been published more times than we can count.

In all of that, we have not (because we know we cannot) let it go to our heads.  Clients want tomorrow’s answers to today’s questions allowing the most sustainable of yesterday’s truths to endure.  That takes discipline, good judgment, and creativity.  Danger lurks in success in the form of pride and laziness.  For that reason, we humbly refresh with D2 University, Crosstalks, First Mondays, educational site visits, and the now-famous Sleepover Project™.

If you are interested in architecture for seniors that is proven and fresh, well, back to Picasso.  When someone asked which was the favorite of all of his works, he said, “The next one.”  That is, yours.

If you have questions or think we can help, LET US KNOW and we’d be honored to start a conversation.

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