Our Story

Like a garage band, D2 Architecture was launched over a weekend.  On the week of September 28, 2009, eight survivors of a recession-ripped organization called CSD out of Baltimore went to work in their regional office in Dallas.  By the following Monday, CSD was legally euthanized, and the eight stood alone as D2 Architecture, LLC.  Same office space.  Same telephone number.  Same CAD files.  All with no animas, no exposure for professional liability, and no contention over IP or client relationships. It was the best of start-ups in the worst of times.

The staff grew steadily in size and talent to a peak of 30 as D2’s reputation spread – particularly in the genre of large and complex CCRC’s on the one hand and smaller, faster, for-profit projects on the other.  Awards were announced.  Invitations to speak and to write were received and accepted.  Internal education became a distinguishing characteristic with D2U, Crosstalks, First Mondays, Lunch & Learns, field trips, and the Sleepover Project®.  The cumulative effect of these accomplishments and a salient interest in learning was to attract the best and brightest recruits from major universities to join the team – young people passionate about Doing For Others and rocked by just how “cool” architecture for seniors could turn out, put in the right hands.

The portfolio today speaks for itself.  What remains unseen are the intangibles.  The “music” of that little garage band goes on – a composition of creativity, good management, heads, and hearts in relentless of pursuit of the best architecture for seniors in America.  With all due modesty, our greatest hits album is, well, great.  But we truly believe the best is yet to come. 

Our People

D2 Architects | David Dillard

David Dillard, FAIA – President

D2 Architects | Doug Bissell

Doug Bissell, AIA – Principal

D2 Architects | Grant Warner

Grant Warner, AIA, LEED AP – Principal

D2 Architects | Siobhan Winfrey

Siobhan Farvardin, AIA, LEED, AP – Associate Principal

D2 Architects | Josh Williams

Josh Williams, AIA – Associate Principal

D2 Architects | Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson, AIA – Associate Principal

D2 Architects | Alex McMacken

Alex McMacken, AIA

D2 Architects | Brandon Criner

Brandon Criner, AIA

D2 Architects | Gaby Espinosa

Gaby Espinosa

D2 Architects | Kasi Svoboda

Kasi Svoboda, AIA

D2 Architects | Luberto Velez

Luberto Velez

D2 Architects | Paul Semrau

Paul Semrau

D2 Architects | Triana Vidargas

Triana Vidargas

D2 Architects | Tyler Buser

Tyler Buser

D2 Architects | Victoria Ramos

Victoria Ramos