D2 has been fortunate to receive commissions from coast to coast across a wide spectrum of senior housing types – from 55+ to hospice and everything in between.  In the wide river of architecture, our work is a deep and narrow channel.

A few things to look for in our portfolio:

No two projects are alike.  Even if the floor plans and stacking are virtually the same (e.g. Titan’s AL/MC projects in Albuquerque, Austin, and Corpus Christi), the nuances of the design – interior and exterior – reflect the local market, the “soil” from which indigenous styles grows.  We call it “regionality,” an important feature in our work that keeps away the hobgoblin known as Cookie Cutter.

From Jim Stroud’s small houses in Carrollton, Texas to our 22-story IL tower on the shore of Chesapeake Bay, we cover the gamut.  And that is not easy.  What architects (what contractors) can competently navigate single-story wood frame cost-sensitive architecture and simultaneously handle high-rise, concrete frame buildings laced with the complexities of code, structure, special MEP systems, and water tightness?  We can.

“Senior Living is all we do.”  That motto served us well and honestly for ten years.  Today, in truth, we have a few projects outside the genre.  But the focus remains.  In the portfolio, see if you can spot the confidence and creativity that comes from designing more than 300 projects in the field of senior living (some built, some not, some on the boards).  As with many artisans, the polished sureness (savoir-faire) to venture into solutions for tomorrow’s seniors arises from the extraordinary familiarity we hold regarding the limitations and opportunities of today.  In a word, our focus.