Calder Woods – Repositioning Project

D2 Architects | Calder Woods Site Plan
D2 Architects | Calder Woods
D2 Architects | Calder Woods
D2 Architects | Calder Woods
D2 Architects | Calder Woods
D2 Architects | Calder Woods

Calder Woods – Repositioning Project
Beaumont, Texas
Client – Buckner Retirement Services

Calder Woods is a beautiful 10-acre senior living community in Beaumont Texas.  It is the only community in the Beaumont area that provides a complete continuum of care.  Originally opened in 2000, Calder Woods was in need of repositioning and expansion to better provide for its existing residents and appeal to new ones.

D2 was hired to work with the Owner and the Community to develop a strategic plan that resulted in a plan for phased expansions and renovations to the community.  This included an expansion of cottages in a “pocket neighborhood” style configuration.  It included two innovative Garden Apartment buildings to provide residents uninterested in a fully detached cottage or a higher density existing apartment building with an in-between choice that offers the best of both worlds.  Every apartment in these buildings is a corner unit.  The project also included a new Bistro to offer residents a second dining venue with longer operating hours.  It included an expansion of the existing IL dining room, extensive renovations to the commons clubhouse, and the addition of a new Wellness Center with a senior-friendly indoor pool.  It included an addition to the Assisted Living wings that created a new indoor loop and expanded amenities and new units.  The project also included two trademarked Green House homes for Skilled Nursing care.   The existing Skilled Nursing pods were renovated to convert most existing semi-private units into private units and private showers were added to each unit.

As the commencement of the first phase approached, the Executive Director, with the full support of residents and staff, decided that phasing would not be necessary and accelerated all areas of work.  To build ALL AT ONCE.  A Herculean task but in the end, a brilliant one since the biggest potential savings in any project is time.  The overall construction schedule was radically condensed.

Architect – D2 Architecture
Interior Design – IDA
Food Services Design – JEM/Corsi & Associates
MEP – PE Services
Structural – RL Goodson
Civil – Fitz & Shipman
Landscape Architecture – SMR
General Contractor – Hill & Wilkinson

Site Area = 10 acres
New IL buildings = 56,000 sf with 36 apartments
New AL addition = 7,500 sf with 8 new apartments
New Green House Homes = 16,400 sf with 24 private units
New Wellness Center = 6,600 sf
Renovation area = 32,800 sf