Montereau Phase 3 – Dining Reinvention Project

Montereau – Dining Renovation Project
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Client – Montereau

Montereau had provided superior dining services for their residents for almost two decades.But they didn’t want to rest on their laurels. They decided to shake things up. Not just a nudge. An earthquake. Montereau completely reinvented their dining experiences. All at once.

The Bar doubled in size and was updated with more resident choice, flexibility and access to an adjacent dining venue. This included a more open, transparent exterior addition to the more formal existing building to increase seating capacity and improve views and daylight.

Renoir was the formal, and largest, dining room.  Montereau had observed since opening a distinct shift in resident tastes away from formal dining towards casual dining.  The new project knocked this dark, formal space wide open on two sides – open to the main corridor and open to a pre-function space – to reinvent it as a casual Marketplace and Bistro with themed areas for more resident choice and longer operating hours.

Rendezvous was the original problematic buffet. Formal dining relocated to this smaller space to make room for the much larger casual venues. The space was further refined into flexible Private Dining / Chefs Table / Wine Grotto experiences, a Themed Grill experience and a third, smaller bar, to support these specialized events.

Café Souffle was the original casual restaurant.  It was transformed into a more upscale casual Center Stage and Exhibition Cooking venue with a glass enclosed live French Cooking Suite to make the experience more interactive.


Architect – D2 Architecture
Interior Design – IDA
Food Services Design – SCOPOS Hospitality Group
MEP – Lee & Browne Consulting
Civil and Structural – Wallace Engineering
Landscape Architecture – Clare Ashby
General Contractor – Flintco

Renovation square footage = 54,745 sf
New square footage = 1,075 sf