The Terraces at CC Young

D2 Architects | CC Young Terraces
D2 Architects | CC Young Terraces
D2 Architects | CC Young Terraces
D2 Architects | CC Young Terraces
D2 Architects | CC Young Terraces

The Terraces at CC Young
Dallas, Texas
Client – CC Young

With the completion of the new Vista building, CC Young is taking full advantage of a rare opportunity.  The opportunity to vacate three large footprint existing buildings and demolish them, all at once.  For a dense campus like this, it is a game-changer.  In their place, The Terraces will be built.  The Terraces will include a new IL building, Wellness Center, and a large expansion of CC Young’s “Point” Arts Center.

The main entrance to the campus will be reworked to be a gentler, more natural meandering entry drive to replace the existing steep road up the hill.

The Point expansion will include a new three-story addition that, paradoxically, aligns its top floor with the existing main level of the existing Point building.  Since the topography on the site is so severe, the regrading of the entry roadway enabled two levels to be inserted underneath.  The lowest level, aligned with the entry roadway, will introduce a new Welcome Center for the entire campus.  This is a solution to a challenge that has plagued CC Young for decades where visitors and vendors wander the campus and enter various buildings looking for guidance.  When complete the new Welcome Center will orient all visitors, vendors and individuals looking to apply for jobs.  The middle level will create a new Campus Administration center so that the existing space on the lowest of the Hillside Building can be repurposed for Assisted Living residents and staff use.  The top-level, aligned with the main level of the Point, will add a huge new Multi-Purpose space to augment the remarkable arts and community outreach programs CC Young offers.

The IL building will adapt to the topography by partially burying three levels of parking and back of house services.  The main level, with some new amenities, will align with and connect to the existing Point main level and existing Overlook building amenities level creating one enlarged and connected floor of commons and services.  Apartment floors will stack above and set back on the southeast side where Zoning restrictions have strict setback requirements.  To make limoncello out of lemons the design creates uniform roof terraces for numerous apartments to enjoy spectacular views of White Rock Lake.  The top-level includes more apartments and a third dining venue, with more stunning views, for more resident dining choices.

The Wellness Center will include a new Fitness equipment space, two Fitness Classrooms, Locker Rooms, and a large indoor senior-friendly pool.

Renovation work in the Overlook building where the new connection will be made includes a new fourth dining venue – a Café with flexible theming and menu options and longer operating hours.

Team                                                         Owners Representative – Broaddus & Associates
General Contractor & Design-Build Lead – Brasfield & Gorrie
Architect – D2 Architecture                          Interior Design – Faulkner Design Group
Food Services Design – SCOPOS Hospitality Group
MEP – Blum Engineering
Structural – LA Fuess Partners
Civil – RL Goodson
Landscape – Talley and Associates

Terraces New square footage = 363,000 sf, 9 stories
Point New square footage = 32,900 sf
Point Renovation square footage = 5,600 sf
Overlook Renovation square footage = 3,400 sf
IL apartments = 137