The Vista at CC Young

D2 Architects | The Vista
D2 Architects | The Vista
D2 Architects | The Vista
D2 Architects | The Vista
D2 Architects | The Vista
D2 Architects | The Vista
D2 Architects | The Vista

The Vista at CC Young
Dallas Texas
Client – CC Young

The Vista is a new, forward-thinking concept in the Senior Living/Senior Care industry. The floors and households are innovatively designed, constructed, and licensed to the highest standard of care that can be transitioned to different levels of care as needed to serve the community as demographics change over time. In addition to its state-of-the-art flexible design, The Vista offers stunning views of the downtown skyline and White Rock Lake —views rarely afforded to senior living. The progressive architecture and lively yet calming interior design emphasize natural surroundings. The combination of public and private spaces work together to create a stronger sense of community among residents, staff, clients, and guests.

The Vista maximizes the potential of the only small area of land left available on CC Young’s landlocked campus. Per the inspired idea of the Owner, the Vista went vertical to consolidate inefficient operations of four separate licensed care buildings spread across the campus into one. Joined at the hip to one of those four buildings, The Hillside AL building, the Vista coalesced additional AL capacity with all other licensed care areas into one tower.

The Vista takes full advantage of the rare topography in a city like Dallas to place a parking garage underground, on level G, and create purposeful entrances on levels 1, 2, and 3. The level 1 entrance faces the main campus entry and includes a colonnade under the building to create a much larger and flexible space for residents to get in and out of vehicles. This entrance also serves the residentially scaled and detailed Adult Day Stay area. The level 2 entrance, on the opposite side, faces the campus to connect The Vista with staff and residents from other buildings. This entrance is on the next floor, above the main entrance, and provides access to shared amenities. Shared for all residents, staff, and visitors in the Vista and shared with other campus buildings. These amenities include a large multi-purpose room, a Cafe, a Chapel, a Gift Shop, an Art Gallery, a Volunteer Center, and the Therapy Suite. The Therapy Suite innovatively breaks down the standard “all in one room” rehab gymnasium into smaller, more focused, more semi-private areas for Physical, Occupational, Speech, Aquatic, Modality, and Outdoor Therapies. All arrayed around an indoor walking loop. The entrance on level 3, further up the hill, is for services and deliveries and provides discreet access to an enlarged Kitchen at the adjacent existing Hillside AL building that connects to the Vista via a staff skybridge.

Assisted Living apartments, located on levels 3 and 9, augment existing inventory in the adjacent Hillside building but offer more Independent Living like features including washer/dryer appliances in-room, walk-in closets, and balconies. Level 9 includes a second AL dining venue for more resident choice and a Skygarden. The project included additions and renovations to the existing Hillside building to adapt it for the AL population added by the Vista.

Levels 4 through 8 consist of pairs of 16-bed flexible small household environments that can be re-designated in license type as demographics change over the years. Currently, they consist of an assortment of Rehabilitation, Memory Support, and Skilled Nursing care. Levels 4 through 7 include stacked outdoor gardens that set back, one by one, all oriented to the south to maximize daylight into each garden.

Back of house functions are cleverly separated from public areas via a double-sided service elevator and strategically placed staff corridors to keep disruptions in the resident households to a minimum. These back of house areas are also flexible to accommodate changing needs over time.

Architect – D2 Architecture
Interior Design – Faulkner Design Group
Food Services Design – SCOPOS Hospitality Group
Structural – LA Fuess Partners
Civil – RL Goodson
Landscape – Talley and Associates
General Contractor – Hill & Wilkinson

10 stories
New square footage = 326,000 sf
AL apartments = 62
Memory Support apartments = 32
Skilled Nursing beds = 64
Rehabilitation studios = 32
Adult Day Stay = 30

Awards & Publications
AIA Design For Aging Awards Program – Special Recognition
Environments for Aging, Fall 2019 Issue – “Digging In” – project spotlight article | READ