Walnut Place

Walnut Place Renovation
Dallas, Texas
Client – Telesis

The mission was to “reposition” a 40-year old building dedicated to housing senior residents who are in advanced stages of care. The client acknowledged at the outset that the building – not remarkable architecture to begin with – had become dull from the point of invisible to street traffic and, more disturbingly, to dozens of physicians right across the street who potentially would refer their patients for care.
With the exception of preserving a few iconic live oak trees, D2 recommended a scorched earth strategy to the building’s foreground, completely rerouting the entry drive into a more sinuous, resort-like configuration lined with “rammed earth” signage elements, slatted screening walls, xeriscape landscape choices, a low stone fountain, and an outdoor Bistro café up front at the building entrance.
Once in the heart of the campus, attention is drawn to new over-sized awnings and a “GreenScreen” hiding the old canopy. A second canopy was added to another side of the building to divide traffic for a better effect – aesthetic and functional.
Aside from a rousing response from the referring physicians, the make-over has been (as intended) very well received by the real-and-imagined 55-year decision-makers looking for a better place for their aging parents.


Architect – D2 Architecture
Interior Design – Barbara J. Vessels Interiors, Inc.
MEP – PE Services
Civil – Pacheco Koch
Landscape Architecture – SMR Landscape Architects, Inc.
General Contractor – JRT Construction

Site Reconstruction : 89,010 s.f.
Interior Renovation: 2,607 s.f.